Greetings to all our Friends!

We wish to thank everyone who supported our commercial endeavors last year. Orders were being filled through the end of October. North Texas had 334 frost free growing days in 2017. We had little bloom in the spring of 2017 due to the lack of winter, but plentiful rain throughout most of the summer resulted in outstanding re-bloom among the median and tall bearded irises.

Special thanks to all the judges who supported our iris in the 2017 AIS Official Balloting. The demand for our Louisiana irises has been truly surprising and pleasing to us. Many selected Nichols’ Louisianas can been seen this April during the New Orleans AIS national convention in early April.

This year we are pleased to release new plants from the late Z. G. Benson, Tom Burseen, Hooker and Bonnie Nichols, and Alton Pyburn. Check out the picture of Wichita Falls from Ben Benson which first showed up in the mid-1960s but was not released because flatties were freaks during that time of iris interest. It is a beautiful 9 inch flattie that increases rapidly and opens well under all conditions. All proceeds from the sale of Wichita Falls will benefit the Novelty Iris Society.

Several thousand first year seedlings both tall bearded and medians will be blooming this spring. We will be coming out with new Nichols’ medians in 2019 which will please many of you. There will be approximately 1000 new first year Louisiana seedlings blooming, too.

You will note that some of our 2018 tall bearded releases are reliable re-bloomers. Bonnie’s beautiful, pink space age Mahan-Zurbrigg Cup winner at the New Jersey convention has been named Cha Cha Cha and surprised us by blooming all summer and autumn long.

Those traveling by car to and from New Orleans are welcome to come visit the home garden and the Mesquite garden in April. Dallas will be having two iris shows this spring. One show before the convention and a beardless show following the convention. In between the two shows, the Iris Society of Dallas will have our annual two day bus tour of area gardens.

Note to clubs: Thank you for all those large club surprise package orders. Club surprise package orders must be ordered by July 15. Some iris names are pending AIS approval.

Hooker and Bonnie Nichols
Hillcrest Iris and Daylily Gardens