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ALBUQUERQUE SKIES (Hooker Nichols)  #2010SSS   TB  38”  Midseason – Late
Ruffled white standards.  Falls are ice blue under-marked white.  Gold & lemon beards.  Well branched with seven + buds.  (Dover Beach X Winter Olympics)

ANGRY MOON (Tom Burseen) #013-694A   TB   35”   Midseason-Late
Round, ruffled flowers have white standards with a gold base, style arms are white tinged violet.  The falls are white sporting large round gold burst with white center stripe from marigold orange beards to end of falls.  Well branched.  (Power Down) X 011-195: ((Puff The Magic x #07-56) x Steer Clear))

ASPEN BLIZZARD (Hooker Nichols) #2007-I    TB  36”  Early-Midseason
Chalk white self with rounded falls.  Beards are marigold tipped lemon and white.  Well branched with six + buds.  (Catch A Star X unknown)

BOOGALOO (Hooker Nichols)  #9509-D  TB  36”  Midseason – Late
Standards are harvest gold with maroon midribs.  Rounded falls same irregularly marked and splashed maroon.  Marigold beards.  Well branched with six buds.   (Latin Hideaway X Batik)

CRYURSOCKSOFF (Tom Burseen) #013-696B   TB   36”   Midseason-Late
Corrugated ruffled flowers have gold standards and style arms.  Violet blue falls are washed chrysanthemum crimson most prominent across hafts with dark tan washed edges and gold style arms.  Beards are Saturn orange with yellow ends.  Well branched with six plus buds.  011-178 ((((Smucker Pruned X ((09-389 (Courtin Daisy May x 07-207) x (09-309 (Fear Dem Beards pollen parent)))

HAWAII BOUND (Tom Burseen) #013-824A   TB   36”   Midseason - Late
Ruffled, flared, and laced flowers have violet blue standards, darker falls with crinkled white edges.  The beards are marigold orange.  Well branched with six + buds.  (sib. To Screamin)

MIGHTY HITTEY (Tom Burseen) #013-528A   TB 36”   Midseason
Attractive flowers have pure white standards with pale lobelia blue falls.  There is a white flash below the Indian orange beards.  Gold bronze hafts with a striking gold streak below the beards. Well branched with six + buds.  (011-195 (Angry Moon pollen parent X Loosen Up)

PRETTY POISON (Tom Burseen) #013-980A  TB  33”  Midseason – Late
Alluring wide rounded flowers have yellow blended standards.  Falls are violet-blue washed and veined creamy yellow with gold burst hafts and gray purple washed edges.  Gold-orange beards.  Well branched.  (010-1072: ((08-507 (Puff The Dragon x Trumped) x Aero Reece) X Revision))

REAL McCOY (Tom Burseen)  #012-75A  TB  Space-Age 37”  Early-Midseason
Showy ruffled and laced flowers have light honeysuckle pink standards.  Pristine white falls with fine light honeysuckle washed edges and small gold burst on hafts.  Fiery red beards end white morphing into fuzzy light blue HORNS.  Well branched with six + buds.   (Along Came Fame X Strawberry Frosting) 

SCREAMIN (Tom Burseen)  #013-1350A  TB  34”  Early-Midseason
Large looping ruffled flowers have creamy yellow standards and yellow style arms.  Violet-blue falls have pansy washed shoulders with lighter pansy wash over all with creamy tan rims.  The beards are blended.  Well branched with six + buds.  (Sneak A Peek X One More Sip)

TRICK MY TREAT (Tom Burseen)  #013-1471A  TB Space-Age  35”  Late
Flared and ruffled flowers have tan standards blended red-purple most prominent on mid-ribs.  The beautiful falls are tan washed electric violet blue with prominent burgundy washed shoulders and tan style arms.  Beards are purple, yellow and burnt orange ending in tan flounces.  Well branched with six + buds.  ((011-269 (09-520: Little Marilyn Brown Baby pod parent x Swearing Ima Blarin)) X Requires Wires

UPTOWN ART (Tom Burseen)  #013-1171A  TB  Space-Age 36”  Early-Midseason
Magnificent flowers are slightly laced but very ruffled.  Cream blended coral pink most pronounced at centers and base with same style arms.  White falls with pale peach edges.  Nasturtium red beards add the final accent to the wonderful flowers.  Beards are hairy and feathered being orange and cream spoons.  Well branched with six + buds.  ((Baby Boomer x 09-52 ((Courtin Daisy May x Monomama) X Double Platinum

WESTERN WOMAN (Tom Burseen)  #013-269H  TB  36”  Early-Midseason
Unusual ruffled flowers have pale blue standards edged pale tan and cream feathered tan-yellow style arms.  Lovely henna-brown falls washed violet-blue with red-brown centers and tan edges.  Well branched.  Beards are blue, orange, and cream.  011-94 ((Don’t Doubt Dalton pollen parent x Miles Keith) X Power Down))

(supply is limited)

$13.00….ARRO REECE (2013) – Gold blend standards with iridescent blue washed falls

$15.00….DALLAS DONE RIGHT (2013) –creamy yellow standards with electric blue washed plum falls.  HUGH brown/purple beards

$35.00…..DON’T DOUBT DALTON (2015) – broken color/space age NOVELTY.  White with random dark purple splashes & dots.  Orange beards end in tattered and feathered white horns

$30.00…..DYLANGER’S DEAL (2015) - broken color of light French blue with random violet/blue splashes

$40.00…..FULL UV LUV (2015) – Wide, ruffled bi-toned venetian-pink with BIG Chinese coral beards

$12.00…..GASPER (2013) – red/brown with violet/blue flash below big gold beards

$25.00…..GO BERSERKA (2015) – space age/NOVELTY.  Orange buff with huge fat, elongated fuzzy Spanish orange tipped yellow beards ending in short, fuzzy brown horns

$25.00…..HARLEY JOLLEY (2015) – Space age/NOVELTY.  Standards are pure white.  Falls are violet/blue washed blue.  Beards are capsicum red and end in FUZZY violet/blue horn

$20.00…..HICO HUGGINS (2014) – Standards are light violet/blue.  Ruffled/flared/wide falls are light blue

$15.00…..LOCO COCO (2014) – Beautiful and popular red/brown

$25.00…..LOOSEN UP (2015) – White shouting amber gold shoulders and prominent amber gold center line below tangerine orange beards

$20.00…..MAGGIE BETH (2013) – Popular brown/purple/red & gold blend with large gold beards

$18.00…..PRISSY CHRISSY (2014) – Very wide, blocky, ruffled & large light rose/purple & spectrum violet bi-color

$25.00…..REQUIRES WIRES (2015) – Standards are buttercup yellow/gold with bronze/yellow washed red & brown.  Large burnt orange beards

$40.00…..SPRING STARTER (2016) – space age/NOVELTY.  A sib to “Don’t Doubt Dalton”.  Pure white with purple dots.  Ruffled and flared form with short fuzzy white horns


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