2016 Louisiana Iris Introductions

BRAZOS MOON (H. Nichols) LA  36”  M-L  #14-2  Ruffled canary yellow self.  Style arms are canary yellow blended chartreuse.  Chartreuse gold-lined signals. 2 branches with 6+ buds.  Rapid increaser.  (Starpower X Daintree).  $30.00

GEORGE S. BENSON (Bonnie Nichols) TB  35” M.  #19-64  Light ice blue self.  Orange and lemon beards end in ice blue flounces.  3 branches with 7+ buds.  (Austin City Blues x Mesmerizer).  Sold out

(H. Nichols) LA 33” M-L  #14-56  Lightly ruffled garnet lake standards with falls being same color edged amethyst.  Style arms are garnet lake edged yellow.  Chartreuse yellow signals.  Rapid increaser.  2 branches with 6 buds.  (Red Velvet Elvis X Acadian Debutante).  $30.00

IMPROBABLE PLOT (H. Nichols) LA 34” M-L #14-72 Very unusual color being marbled or mottled buckwheat over canary yellow flowers.  Gold-green splashed line signals edged canary.  Possible used to bring plicata pattern into Louisiana irises.  Rapid increaser.  6 or more buds.  ((7-18A: (Praline Festival x Daintree) X 05-24 (Hand in Hand x Pamela Hart)).  $30.00

PARIS FOLLIES (H. Nichols) LA 38” M-L #05-05 Slightly ruffled peony purple  flowers with falls sporting a chartreuse spray pattern.  Style arms are peony purple edged chartreuse.  2 branches with 7+ buds.  Very good increaser.  (Thanksgiving Fest X Elusive Butterfly).  $30.00

QUEEN OF SOUL (H. Nichols) LA 37” M-L #05-12The most noted seedling in the garden this past spring due to its satiny deep dark color.  Deep dodge purple self with style arms edged grey and having gold line signals.  6 buds with many stalks and increase.  (Cajun Serenade X ‘Bout Midnight).  $30.00


BOSSIER CITY BLUES (H. Nichols) #13-0 LA 26” E-L - $10.00
Tailored violet self with near white edges on standards, falls, and style arms. Gold style signals. Two branches with six buds. BEST seedling 2013 Iris Society of Dallas show. BEST seedling Ft. Worth Iris Society show. Parentage unknown. Fertile both ways.

LITTLE GANGSTER (H. Nichols) #14-31 LA 28” M-L - $10.00
Petite flowers have garnet standards with garnet style arms lighter on edges. Falls garnet with gold line signals. Two branches with six buds. Fertile both ways. (Velvet Hookah x Muriel Baucum Begley)

ODDBALL CURIOUSITY (H. Nichols) 14-51 LA 32” M-L - $10.00
Ruffled standards are grey edged lemon-chartreuse with chartreuse midribs and centers, serrated falls are lemon-chartreuse with darker chartreuse signals washed pale grey. Two branches with six buds. Fertile both ways. (Lafayette Moon x Heather Pryor)

CASCADIAN MASTERPIECE (H. Nichols) #18-48 TB 36” M-L - $20.00
Magnificent ruffled blocky chalk white flowers with gold hafts and beards. Well branched, 8+ buds, pod fertile only. (Sea Power X Winter Olympics)

CELESTIAL HORIZON (B. Nichols) #16-14 TB/SA 40” M-L - $20.00
Gigantic laced dauphin violet neglecta with deeper midribs and lighter hafts. Fuzzy orange and dauphin violet beards end in violet horns. Well branched, 8+ buds, fertile both ways. (((Honky Tonk Blues X (Boogie Woogie x Silverado) X Mesmerizer)))

COFFEE HOUSE CHATTER (H. Nichols) #12M51 TB 36” M-L - $20.00
Large smooth mocha-brown self with over lapping falls having violet lines below mocha-brown beards. Well branched, 8+ buds, fertile both ways. (Into the Wilderness X Phantom Planet)

CONFEDERATE CREED (H. Nichols) #08-1 TB 32” M-L - $20.00
Confederate grey on white plicata with orange and white beards. Well branched, 7 buds, fertile both ways. (River Jordan X Confederate Soldier)

CREDIBLE WITNESS (H. Nichols) #18-99 TB 36” M-L - $20.00
Very beautiful ruffled white flowers with yellow hafts markings and yellow and white beards. Well branched, 8+ buds, pod fertile only. (Carriage Trade X Winter Olympics)

DALLAS DIAMOND JUBILEE (H. Nichols) #18-45 TB 36” M-L - $20.00
A be-jeweled beauty. Ruffled flowers with white standards with lemon bases and gilded edges. Broad falls have a white under coating overlaid lemon. Deeper golden lemon lines surround orange-gold beards. ¾ of the falls have a neon lilac edge with deeper violet dotting. Purple violet lines are below the beards. Very fragrant. Fertile both ways. Well branched, 12 buds. (Puccini X Dorothy Devenport)

GRAND REVIEW (H. Nichols) #2010-CCCC TB 36” M-L - $20.00
Impressive ruffled flowers are white with yellow hafts and coral beards. Well branched, 7+ buds, fertile both ways. (Cinnamon Sun X White Hot)

HONKY TONK RUMBLE (H. Nichols) #2010-BBB TB 36” M-L - $20.00
Ruffled flowers have honey-brown standards with honey midribs. Blended falls are copper honey-brown with deep yellow hafts and orange beards. Well branched, 8+ buds, fertile both ways. (Frontier Cowboy X Fireside Glow)

POWERHOUSE SEQUEL (H. Nichols) #2014-2A TB 36” M-L - $35.00
A wonderful blending of many colors. Ruffled standards are majolica yellow with chartreuse midribs. Broad falls are red-brown with radiating majolica lines throughout and across the hafts. Big gold beards. Well branched, 7 bus, fertile both ways. (Acapulco Sunset X Wardancer)

SAFARI ADVENTURE (H. Nichols) #19-67 TB 36” M-L - $20.00
Very pretty reverse mauve medium brown bitone with gold beards. Well branched, 7 buds, fertile both ways. (( Ferrous Fantasy X 9525E (Lillian Lee x Acapulco Sunset))

SOUTHWEST SWEETHEART (A. Pyburn) #08-6-10 TB 36” E-L - $20.00
Elegantly ruffled reverse blue bi-tone with large fuzzy tangerine beards having lighter icy blue ends tipped tangerine. Well branched, fertile both ways, 7-10 buds. (Stand In Awe X Dance Recital) FIRST WINNER of the Zurbrigg-Mahan seedling cup at the 2014 AIS convention in Dallas, Texas

TOP DOWN (H. Nichols) #2010-PPPP TB Flattie 36+” M-L - $30.00
Stunning novelty beauty. Very ruffled white self with serrated style arms. There is a pale creamy yellow glow surrounding the broad gold and white beards. Fertile both ways. (Got Milk X Winter Olympics)

2013 Bearded Iris Introductions

American Goddess
(H. Nichols) M-L  36” ((Edith Anderson X Marthella) X Dorothy Devenport))  Well branched stalks carry many buds.  The heavy substance flowers have slightly open ruffled standards which are blended peach and Venetian pink.  The wide falls are slightly lighter with a white wash around the bushy tangerine beards.  Style arms are a bit darker with lighter edges.  Fertile both ways...$18.00

Fiery Springs
(H. Nichols)  E-M 34”  (Sib to Spring Announcement)  What a wonderful way to begin the bloom season with these lovely  violet flowers sporting yellow hafts and bright tangerine beards. Well branched stalks look great on the show bench.  Fertile both ways...$18.00     

2013 Beardless Introductions

Lady of Lometa
(Jim Landers) LA E-L 34” (Collected seed from Pryor  and Campbell lines)  Well branched with 7 buds.  Lovely soft lavender/baby blue self flowers with darker veining throughout the standards and falls.  Both standards and falls have a wire edging of white.  Style arms are a blend of white, purple and yellow with white edges.  Mustard steeple signals Awarded Best Seedling at two Iris Society of Austin iris shows recently. Fertile both ways...$10.00

Mariners Hymn
(H. Nichols)  LA E-L  36”  (Sea Knight X Good Heavens)  Well branched  slightly ruffled dark blue/violet self with deeper lines throughout the entire flower. Style arms are slightly darker but edged lighter.  Yellow lined signals compliment  the flowers.  Awarded Best Seedling at the 2011 Johnson County Iris and Daylily annual show.  Fertile both ways....$10.00     


Gulf Coast Beaches  

(H. Nichols)  05-88 35” M-L   (Elusive Butterfly X Unknown)  Well branched with 7 buds.  Large flowers give the appearance of being a yellow bitone with green styles and darker lemon signals.  Good growth habits and fertile both ways...$10.00

Miracle of Lourdes
(H. Nichols)  05-78 36” E-L  (Ocean Going X Reflect)  Best Seedling of Show at Ft. Worth in 2005.  Ruffled full over lapping  flowers are campanula violet with broad yellow signals.  Well branched with 7 buds.  Fertile both ways

Murial Backum Begley
(Dr. Lou Begley)  E-L  (Unknown parentage from Pryor named Louisianas)  31” Well branched with 8 buds and fertile both ways.  Discovered blooming in a bed of orphaned volunteer seedlings .  Fertile both ways.  Medium  sized flowers have a full over lapping ruffled form having beet root purple standards and maroon falls with yellow dagger signals.  One of the first Louisianas to bloom in your garden.....$10.00

Gulf Coast Sunshine
(H. Nichols)  LAB 10B 34” M-L  (Praline Festival X Wings of Mercury)  Well branched with 6 buds.  Fertile both ways.  Ruffled large formed buttercup yellow flowers are ever so lightly washed rust and rust veined  throughout the flowers. Slightly darker yellow chartreuse lined signals complete the flowers

Velvet Hookah
(H. Nichols)  05-21  32”  E-L  (Garnet Storm Dancer X Praline Festival)  Well branched with 7 buds.  Fertile both ways.  Our most sought after introduction since the bearded iris Boogie Woogie.  Winner of 3 Best of Show Seedling Awards.  Two Iris Society of Dallas shows and the Society of Louisiana Iris Spring Dallas mini-convention show in 2010.  The flowers are slightly larger than silver dollars.  Ruffled garnet flowers have gold dagger signals.  Produces huge plants and has better growth  habits than its mother

Watermelon Wizard
(H. Nichols)  05-70 M-L  (Heather Pryor  X Guessing Game)  Well branched with 8 buds.  Fertile both ways.  Large formed flowers  are blended salmon-raspberry in color with darker colored veining and lines throughout the entire flowers.  Small gold lined signals complete the beautiful presentation.  Best Seedling  of the 2011 Ft. Worth Iris Society spring show.

2010 Daylily Introductions


(H. Nichols) Named for a very beautiful lady who lives in the state of New York. Barbara is the mother-in-law of my cousin. When my cousin and her husband were married, they requested that we name a daylily in honor of Barbara in lieu of a wedding gift to them. This request was graciously granted by Bonnie and me. This lily is a stunningly beautiful dark persimmon orange with a dark maroon eye. It has a radiating textured maroon effect throughout the entire flower. Barbara Antonelli is medium in height and gives an extended season of bloom and repeat bloom. Three branches and 20+ buds. Blooms mid-season to late. Deep green foliage makes attractive clumps in the garden. Very fertile. Tetraploid. (Ida’s Magic X Awesome Blossom)…..... $20.00


(H. Nichols) You will want to plant this beauty in the back of the bed because it is very tall. Ruffled flowers are a delightful shade of claret rose with yellow throats. Multiple branched scapes give an extended season of bloom. Tetraploid. Blooms mid-season to late. A rapid increaser and very fertile. (Fairy Filagree X Swiss Legacy). It is producing very beautiful seedlings. Well admired....... $20.00


(H. Nichols) A sibling to Dallas Blushing Debutante. Just as tall and beautiful as her sister. The slightly ruffled flowers of this beautiful daylily look good enough to eat. Multiple-branched scapes and many buds give this lily an edge over others in the garden. It is producing very beautiful seedlings. Blooms mid-season to late. Tetraploid. ….. $20.00


(H. Nichols) Diploid 26” A beautiful lily named for a woman well known in the daylily and iris circles. Ruffled flowers are maize yellow, with salmon halos and dark maize centers. An absolutely spectacular daylily and blooms nearly the entire season and give a splendid repeat performance. Well branched with many buds. (Elsie Spalding X Pumpkin Kid). Sought after by everyone who admired Peggy Estes…... $20.00


(H. Nichols) Tetraploid - SOLD OUT


AUSTIN CITY BLUES  (H. Nichols 2009)  TB/SA/RE  #2100D E-L   (Crystal River X Classy Chassy)  36”  We consider this iris to be our finest introduction since Boogie Woogie.  Well branched stalks, rapid increaser with 9+ buds and fertile both ways.  Everything a person would want in a tough bred Texas cultivar.  Large ruffled flowers are light butterfly blue self with slightly darker sapphire standard midribs and interior bases. The beards are gold in the heart becoming powder blue tipped butterfly blue horns. An iris that  is noticed across the garden.  Producing beautiful children….$10.00

BOMBAY EYES (H. Nichols  2009)  TB/SA/RE  (Balch Springs X Mesmerizer)  36”  Large bubbled ruffled and sculpted flowers are ice flax blue with an amazing sapphire blue  triangular area surrounding the huge gold and white beards which end in sapphire blue horns. A touch of lace adds an air of aristocracy to the flowers.  An added accent is the line effect in the center of the falls.  Well branched with 7+ buds.  No pollen, but pod fertile.  Very fragrant and a rapid increaser....$10.00

BRECKENRIDGE  WONDERLAND   (B. Nichols 2009)  TB/SA  (Conjuration X Mesmerizer)  #B-39  36”  The sculpted and ruffled flowers are exhibited on well branched stalks with 7+ buds.  The lovely color is a very pale lilac white self sporting lush tangerine beards which morph into deeper lilac flounces.   There is a pale chartreuse area around the beards.  Fertile both ways....$10.00

COWBOY'S JOURNEY  (B. Nichols 2009)  TB  (Wild Ginger X Rock Star)  34”  A very pretty  plicata that is a good grower.  Ruffled flowers have buckwheat standards faintly edged red violet on the edges and throughout the center.  Broad ruffled falls are mimosa yellow edged red violet and across the haft areas.  A darker lines runs straight down from the end of the gold beards.  Pod fertile, but no pollen.  Well branched with 7+ buds....SOLD OUT

ROYAL INVITATION (H. Nichols 2009)  TB 36”  M-L  (Splashacata X Castle Stronghold)  #2006-1  Well branched and multi-budded stalks present a spectrum violet on white plicata.  Standards are white marked spectrum violet throughout the base and center.  Broad ruffled falls are white with a broad spectrum violet wash on edges and across the haft area.  Beards are gold and violet.  Fertile both ways.  A rapid increaser, and not simply another violet plicata....$10.00

SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT  (H. Nichols 2009)  TB 36”  E-L  (Lillian Lee X Tranquil Moon)  This beauty has been nicknamed Smoky Mauve in the garden.  A scrumptious mixture of smoky mauve rose with salmon hi-lights both in the standards and the falls.  A touch of lace is a beautiful finishing touch on both the standards and the falls.  There is a slight orchid-violet wash at the base of the standards and below the tangerine beards.  Well branched with 7+ buds.  Fertile both ways and a rapid increaser....$10.00

YUMMY DESSERT (B. Nichols 2009)  TB/SA  34” M-L  (Rock Star X Honeymoon Dance)  A small flowered iris having peach ground mauve-raspberry plicata flowers.  Standards are deeper mauve-raspberry edged peach.  Rounded falls are pale peach with more raspberry plicata on edges and across the haft areas.  The creamy tangerine beards end in short mauve horns.  Well branched stalks with 7+ buds.  Fertile both ways and a lovely, but shorter iris....SOLD OUT



MARY FUSSELL  (Silverado x Boogie Woogie) X Balch Springs)  TB 36” E-L Sdlg. 03-01  Large slightly ruffled flowers are ice blue with powder blue beards tipped yellow.  Well branched with 8-10 buds.....$5.00

ACADIAN DEBUTANTE  (Thanksgiving Fest X Bera)  Immaculately formed flowers are a beauty to behold. Bi-toned semi-flaring overlapped flowers are orchid purple with falls being edged white.  Yellow signals accent the flowers which are veined ever so lightly darker orchid purple.  Well branched with 7+ buds.  28-30 inches....$10.00

BAYOU FESTIVAL (Lemon Petticoat X Soft Hearted)  Large bi-toned re-curved overlapping flowers have light mineral violet standards veined bishop’s violet and darker falls with lighter edges being veined the same as the standards.  Large rayed chartreuse-yellow signals are found on both standards and falls.  The style arms are blended chartreuse and bishop’s violet.  Well branched with 7+ buds. 28-30 inches....$10.00

CAJUN SERENADE (Empress Josephine X Jeri)  Tailored semi-flaring flowers are blended amethyst violet with fall centers slightly darker.  Yellow signals on falls and style arms have a white edge.  Both standards and falls have slightly darker veining.  Well branched with 6 buds. 28-30 inches....$10.00

FESTIVAL BANNER (Stylish Socialite X Elusive Butterfly)  Semi-flaring flowers are imperial purple with narrow chartreuse dagger signals with plum lines extending ¾” down from the signals.  Style arms are edged white and in center.  Well branched with 7+ buds.  28-30 inches....$10.00

LAFAYETTE MOON (Icarus X Decoy)  Slightly ruffled flowers have fully over-lapping form and  are blended buckwheat-straw yellow with ever so slightly red-violet veins.  Style arms are dark yellow being deep green deep in throat. Well branched with 7+ buds.  This one blooms the entire season. 28-30 inches....$10.00

ORLEAN’S BLUES (Offshore Flow X Good Heavens)  Cartwheel form with slightly ruffled spectrum blue flowers having cornflower blue veining and darker lines below chartreuse-yellow dagger signals.  Well branched with 7+ buds, 28-30 inches....$10.00

PARRISH GOSSIP (Empress Josephine X Fiddle Dee Dee)  Lovely semi-flaring bi-toned petunia purple self with chartreuse yellow signals and style arms having a white edge.  Well branched with 7+ buds, 28-30 inches....$10.00


BURST OF LIGHT (H. Nichols) (Gold Kist X Be A Dream) 34 inches. M-VL. Ruffled flowers with slightly open standards are ivory suffused with gold and deeper at base midrib. The wide falls are ivory with gold hafts and edges. Beards are orange, white and lemon. Pollen, well branched 8+ buds......   $10.00
CASCADIAN VIEW (H. Nichols) (Carriage Trade X Windsong West) TB 36+ inches. #04-14. E-M. A wonderful variety giving excellent show stalks done in ice blue white with slightly darker edges. Beards are blended gold, lavender and lemon with gold haft markings. Well branched with 8+ buds. Fertile both ways.........    $
DALE YOST (H. Hichols) (God's Handiwork X Handshake) TB 36+ inches. Really super fancy plicata with wonderful stalks. Huge elegant flowers have veronica violet standards suffased with helitrope plicata markings and darker midribs. Nearly overlapping falls are fancy campanula violet bordered methyl plicata and across haft area with a silver sheen. Cadmium beards. 3 branches, pollen 8+ buds................    $
ROYAL DAGGER (B. Nichols) (Sib to Club Tattoo) IB/RE/SA 26 inches. E-M. Ruffled standards are nearly solid amethyst violet plicata with creamy yellow at midrib and base. The falls creamy yellow ground edged standard color with white lines surrounding dark yellow beards tipped amethyst ending in fat short up turned purple horns. 5-6 buds. Fertile......    
GARY GAMBLE (H. Nichols) (Breakers X Windsong West) TB 36 inches. E-L. Multiple stalks put up from mother rhizomes. Well branched violet flowers with brown hafts with yellow and violet beards. 9+ buds. Show stalks. Fertile.........    $
HALLOWEEN DEBUTANTE (B. Nichols) (Rodeo Star X Rock Star) TB/RE/SA #B9 36 inches. What a treat for the irisarian wanting a good rebloomer. Ruffled standards are yellow ochre with lighter
Naples yellow throughout the centers and midribs. Naples yellow ground falls are banded maroon plicata with a white and maroon area surrounding the fuzzy gold beards ending in maroon tipped horns. Well branched with 8+ buds. Pollen..............   $10.00
HAZEL HAIK (H. Nichols) (Flights of Fancy X Costumed Clown) TB 34 inches. E-M. Selected by a well-known Region 17 Retired Master Judge. Ruffled serrated blended salmon Bishops violet standards with faint Bishops violet plicata markings. Rounded falls are blended fancy Bishops violet with darker area toward orance beards and falls edges. 7+ buds. Well branched with pollen..............SOLD OUT

WAY OVER THERE (H. Nichols) (World Premier X Balch Springs) TB 36 inches. E-L. Broad and ruffled aster violet neglecta with lighter edges and white and brown area around gold and aster violet beards. Well branched, no pollen. Fertile. 8+ buds.........  $
PRAIRIE BALL (H. Nichols) (River Jordan Z God's Handiwork) #2130A. E-L. 32 inches. Charming ruffled white ground Bishops violet plicata with gold beards and having nearly a solid border on the falls. Well branched with 7+ buds. Fertile........    
SCHOOL MARM'S BLUSH (H. Nichols) (Sib to Burst of Light) 36 inches. M-L. Ever so lightly ruffled and laced pale creamy coral with deeper coral hafts and fat neon orange beards. Standards are slightly open with broad falls. Well branched with show stalks and 8+ buds.....   $
SWIMMING HOLE (Alternate picture) (H. Nichols) (Rainmaker X Piano Bar Pirate) IB/RE #2007A. Beautiful ruffled rounded falled reverse ice blue with deeper standard midrib and base. Violet beards are tipped yellow. Well branched, 5 buds. Heavy bloomer.......   $


AGAINST ALL ODDS (H. Nichols) TB 36" ML Very ruffled flax blue being irregularly marked and streaked darker flax blue to purple with gold hafts and gold and blue beards. (Titan's Glory X Batik) 8+ buds. Well branched. Fertile. $10.00        

ALMOST AN ANGEL (H. Nichols) TB 36" ML Ruffled cocoa pink amoena. Absolutely beautiful in the garden. 7+ buds, well branched and fertile. (Aura Light X Champagne Waltz) Rapid in growth and show stalks. $8.00          

BETTY ZIMMERMAN (H. Hichols) TB 36" ML Elegantly ruffled huge updated version of Acoma with class. Tangerine and violet beards. Well branched with 7 buds. (Acoma X Lenora Pearl). $5.00          

BLONDE MOMENT (H. Nichols) TB 36" EL Ruffled empire yellow standards and Lighter falls sporting a small white area below the yellow and white beards and Chinese yellow hafts. (Joyce Terry X Crystal Glitters). Well branched, fertile. $8.00          

COWBOY SERENADE (H. Nichols) TB 36" EL Ruffled heliotrope with gold and heliotrope beards. Well branched, fertile. Show stalks. (Breakers X Windsong West). A very beautiful addition to the garden. $10.00          

CROCODILE ROCK (B. Nichols) TB/SA 34" EL A beautiful peach ground on violet plicata with wonderful garden presentation. Usually having large flounces, but may have some flowers with horns. Fertile both ways, well branched. Best Seedling at 2000 AIS Destiny Dallas Convention iris show. (Rodeo Star X Rock Star). $10.00         

GALACTIC STORM (H. Nichols) TB 36" ML Introduced for the hybridizers because of the unusual seedlings it gives when crossed to most irises. A muted version of Ringo. Well branched, fertile. (Diddler X Ringo). $10.00          

IMPERIAL SECRET (H. Nichols) TB 36" EL A ruffled imperial purple self with a white area at the hafts. Beards are creamy tangerine. Well branched show stalks and very fertile. (Breakers X (Aegean Storm x Windsong  West). $10.00        

PHANTOM PLANET (H. Nichols) TB 36" EL Our most unusual iris to date! We have a reserve list for this weird iris and you will love it or hate it. A Thornbird child that makes you take notice. Ruffled flowers are blended creamy yellow and brown with bronze, grey, yellow beards. Well branched, fertile. Show stalks. (Thornbird X Hello Darkness). $10.00


ALASKAN CRUISE (H. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #9718-B. Ice blue self with falls having chartreuse hafts. Beards ice-bllue and tipped yellow. Ruffled! (Tim Clark X Think 'N Creamy). SOLD OUT

(H. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #2028-B. Blue white self with brown hafts. Gold and blue beards. Ruffled and laced. Well branched! (Boogie Woogie X Conjuration).  SOLD OUT

JANET THOMAS (H. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #9554-A. medium blue self with blue-yellow beards. Very Ruffled! (Breakers X Winter Olympics).  SOLD OUT

(H. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #9713-A. Ruffled standards are beige with a blue-raspberry mid-rib. Ruffled falls are grape edged and washed violet. White haft markings. Sienna beards. (Eurythmic X Diddler). $6.00

(H. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #9535-D. Ruffled maroon-red self with gold haft markings and beards. Well-branched. ONE OF THE REDDEST IRIS IN THE GARDEN! (Crystal Glitters X Galactic Storm). $5.00


DESTINY DALLAS (B. Nichols) #B-7 TB 35" E-L Ruffled and well branched with many buds. Standards are white ground blended violet with solid tan, grey plicata edges, the broad white falls are banded violet with violet haft lines around the gold beards which end in short violet horns. A yellow area is below the beards. We refer to this one as a horned Ruffled Skirts. Fertile both ways. (Ruffled Skirts X Rock Star) $10.00

DOROTHY DEVENPORT (H. Nichols) #9805A TB 36-40" E-M Our premier introduction this year has been well received by people in many areas of the country. Well branched with up to 9 buds and fertile both ways. Ruffled reverse peach bi-tone with creamy peach beards. (Marthella X Edith Anderson) $5.00

DOROTHY EVANS (H. Nichols) TB 36" A lovely, well branched hyacinth blue self. This makes a fine addition to the garden. (Silverado X Scene Stealer) $10.00

DRAGON FLIGHT (B. Nichols) #B-8 TB 36" M-L Ruffled and laced flowers are displayed on well branched stalks. Standards are cordovan to beetroot with yellow ground suffusion. The broad falls are creamy yellow edged same color as the standards. There is a white area across the hafts and below the gold beards which end with plum colored horns. ((Ruffled Skirts X (Purple Pepper x Rock Star)) $10.00

EVENING VESPERS (H. Nichols) #9555A TB 36" M-L A ruffled violet self with brown hafts and brown tipped violet beards. Well branched with many buds. ((Breakers X (Aegean Storm x Windsong West)). $10.00

STRICTLY TABOO (B. Nichols) TB 38" M-L. Seedling #B-1. Standards are white with midrib and base being pale blue-violet. Falls are amethyst violet. Center washed white from tangerine beards. 1" slender white horns. Ruffled and laced and a great way to end the season! (Scene Stealer X Conjuration). $8.00

SEAGOVILLE SENORITA (H. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #9547-A. Standards are harvest gold. Ruffled falls are purple madder rimmed tan with a harvest gold wash below gold beards. (Diddler X Acapulco Sunset). $5.00


ADOBE CAMPFIRE (H. Nichols) TB 36" E-L #9535A Ruffled and slightly laced flowers are a bi-tone of oxblood red with falls having lighter edges. A touch of lace adds a nice touch to the whole flower. Tangerine-gold beards are surrounded by a few white markings. Well branched with 7-9 buds. A rapid increaser. (Crystal Glitters X (Ringo x Diddler) $5.00

ALTERED IMAGES (H. Nichols) TB 36" E-L #9601A Ruffled and slightly laced standards are a blend of ivory and light lavender with gold edges. Broadly ruffled falls are white banded purple and cinnamon blend getting wider and darker near the hafts. Orange, gold, and purple blended beards. Fertile both ways. A fine addition to your garden. (8750A (Ringo x Diddler) X 8910A (Boogie Woogie x Eurythmic) $5.00

ASPEN ESCAPE (H. Nichols) TB 36" E-L #9703A One of the two admired white Nichols seedlings seen in the various tour gardens during the Destiny Dallas Convention.  A ruffled chalk white iris having lemon beards. Well branched with multiple buds. This white iris grows like a weed. 9211M (Windsong West x Blenheim Royale) X Juris Prudence $5.00

HEAVEN CAN WAIT ( H. Nichols) #B-3365) TB 36" M-L Well branched, ruffled and laced flowers have petunia purple standards with coral midribs, the falls are the same color with a lavender wash below the creamy coral beards. Haft areas are coral too. ((Windsong West x Breakers) X (Dorothy Devenport X Lovely Letty)) Sold Out

KLEBERG MAID (B. Nichols) TB 36" M-L. Seedling #B99-4. Standards are antique ivory washed raspberry plicata. ruffled falls are peach ground washed deeper raspberry on edges and hafts. White area below orange beards tipped raspberry. (Sorceress X Rock Star). Sold Out

MONKEYING AROUND (B. Nichols) IB 22" E Very tailored flowers are well branched with 5-6 buds. The color is a smooth blend of honey and brown with yellow highlights throughout the entire flower. Orange-brown beards. Fertile both ways. It came from a bee cross on Honey Glazed  SOLD OUT

NIGHT PASSAGE (H. Nichols) TB 40" M-L #95llC Ruffled dark violet flowers are well branched with many buds. A white area surrounds the blue and brown beards. Fertile both ways. Produces huge plants. 9211L (Windsong West x Blenheim Royale) X (Titan’s Glory x Aegean Storm) $5.00


AVALON BECKONS (H. Nichols) TB & SA 36" M-L Growers have been inquiring for three years as to the availability of this beautiful new space age iris. Plentiful stock of this exciting and beautiful iris now allows us to offer it to you. Beautifully ruffled large flowers have pinkish lavender standards with broad rose pink falls. Full tangerine beards have consistent purple ends with turn up in large horns. A touch of lace adds special charm to the flowers. Well branched stalks have 9 or more flowers. This iris is a very good grower and will not disappoint you. Fertile both ways. (Sweet Musette X Pagan Pink) …$4.00

CLUB TATTOO (B. Nichols) IB 20” E-L.  Seedling # B-15. Ruffled white ground plicata.  Heavily infused dark purple.  Standards have a white midrib and base. Falls have darker hafts.  Tangerine beards tipped purple.  (Court Magician X Epicenter)...$4.00


BOTTLED SUNSHINE (H. Nichols) IB 22” Seedling 9104-A.  E-VL. Standards are aureolin. Falls are white with deeper aureolin on edge and each side of gold beard.  Ruffled with pronounced fragrance.  (Highborn Kinsman X Joyce Terry)...$2.00